ContractControl - The Tool


The Technology

MIA Contract Lawyers has been working closely with ThoughtRiver (UK) and Wolters Kluwer (Netherlands) for over a year to build ContractControl. That they must issue a renewal notice by the end of the month​.

ThoughtRiver’s contribution is its leading AI contract system. ThoughtRiver is primarily a contract review system. That is used in ContractControl (delivering the Risk Assessment feature in the Silver and Gold Packages).

A by-product of ThoughtRiver’s contract review feature is its ability to extract data from the documents it reviews. This allows ContractControl to process hundreds, even thousands of legacy contracts. A client can give us its existing contract repository (whether in hardcopy or electronic) and MIA Contract Lawyers will deliver an effective contract management system for that repository.

Wolters Kluwer’s contribution is its Legisway contract management alert system (formerly known as Effacts).


Legisway alerts your dedicated contract manager and dedicated lawyer to actions that are required. This activates our staff to seek your instructions on whatever needs to be done to ensure contract compliance or to ensure you get the maximum benefit and value from the contract.


MIA Contract Lawyers uses Flow, a task management App (which we will require you to sign up to), to ensure it gets the instructions from your Stakeholders when it needs those instructions.

ContractControl allows you to get the benefits of Legisway without the cost of subscribing to and establishing that system.


For the ContractControl Tool Access Package, however, MIA Contract Lawyers is an authorised reseller of the Legisway system, which allows you to get direct access to the alerts generated by ContractControl.