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Supply Chain is the now-established role in product businesses responsible for procurement, warehousing (increasingly done through third party logistics (3PL)), transport and international trade.

What you need to manage the Supply Chain:

  • a procurement agreement or supply terms that address the numerous issues that arise, issues learnt only by experience – a failure to deal with any one of these issues or a failure to deal with them clearly could cost you dearly – in terms of:

    • OOS (out of stock) situations and lost sales

    • Defective product that you cannot recover on

  • A 3PL Agreement that deals with that relationship where a third party operator has your product and dispatching it for you

  • Guidance on transport issues, an industry which habitually accepts no liability

  • Knowledge of the Incoterms if trading internationally

  • Management of risk and title so that the loss or destruction of your product is covered by insurance maintained by the right party

MIA Contract Lawyers has acted for Apotex, Australia’s leading generic pharmaceutical supplier, for 13 years, encountering and overcoming all manner of supply chain, transport and international trade issues

MIA Contract Lawyers can improve the efficiency of your distribution network for you

We’ll take care of the pitfalls:

MIA Contract Lawyers make sure that:

  • You get the service and deliverables that you need for your business

  • You get them on time

Or, if you don’t, MIA Contract Lawyers will make sure that you are covered.

The real key to commissioning services from a service provider is the specification of those services. As the 2018 APAC Contracting and Contract Negotiation Firm of the Year, MIA Contract Lawyers ensures the service specification is precise and comprehensive, ensuring that you get what you bargain for.

“I received almost immediate and personalised acknowledgement of my request, with clarifying questions - noting this was a complex matter with many terms revisions and a new mechanism for price movement. I answered those questions and within less than 24 hours, had a draft deed of variance in hand for consideration. The draft was excellent, timely and allowed me to quickly close on a very favourable result for our business. With thanks to the team at MIA.”

— Mike Healy, former CFO and Director, Apotex Pty Limited (Generic Pharmaceuticals)