MIA Contract Lawyers is an acknowledged leader in the health and pharmaceutical space.

MIA Contract Lawyers have a wealth of experience in the health and pharmaceutical industry, having acted for Apotex Pty Limited, the leading generic pharmaceutical distributor, for 13 years, amongst other major players in that industry.

Roger Millichamp, former Managing Diretor Apotex

"Over 13 years, we built Apotex into the market leader and MIA Contract Lawyers’ ability to assess risk, provide management with clear advice and guidance, negotiate deals and develop and secure contracts made a significant contribution to that achievement."

Mike Healy, CEO, Soma Group (Medical Cannabis)

Glenn Haifer, Director, Jed Asset Co

"I did not realise the risks to the Business hidden in the suite of contracts used for some time. MIA Contract Lawyers identified and addressed these, many of which before they could cause real problems. But, it was their strategic guidance that I found most valuable."

Peter Kalins, formerly Global Corporate Counsel, Apotex Inc

Engage MIA Contract Lawyers and get a better, more favourable contract, a stronger relationship and completion much sooner, so you can start earning earlier.

MIA Contract Lawyers achieves that by eliminating uncertainty and the lack of clarity in contracts and by being expert negotiators, with decades of experience.


Our Principal, Martin Algie, is an expert with an excellent track record in concluding deals. His skill as a contract lawyer gets you what you need in the documentation. With training at the Harvard Negotiation Institute and extensive practical experience, he is peerless as a negotiator to ensure concessions are kept to minimum.

We are experienced in:

  • Product In-licensing;

  • Registration of product on the ARTG;

  • Pharmacy contracts and supply chain;

  • Pharmacy ownership structuring and structuring

  • Product defect claims and recalls;

  • Medical practice establishment

  • Hospital supply

  • 3PL arrangements

MIA Contract Lawyers’ Principal, Martin Algie is Chair of the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association Code of Practice Administration Committee.

Over the last decade, MIA Contract Lawyers has represented: