[MIA Contract Lawyers] acted promptly and with best attempts to understand our needs whilst remaining commercially sensible. They acted objectively, provided information in concise detail with relevance to our industry.
— Effie Yerolemou, Britax Product Manager

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To promote your business effectively and lawfully …

To be successful, you need to market your product well, cost-effectively, and lawfully. If you don’t:

  • You will spend too much on marketing for poor results – your cost per acquisition will be far too high

  • You could be fined over a $1 million after a successful prosecution for misleading and deceptive conduct by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

MIA Contract Lawyers is at the cutting edge of digital marketing, which has given it a valuable perspective and many contacts. That puts MIA Contract Lawyers in a position to assist you to market your product well and cost-effectively, maximizing sales without breaking the bank:

  • Referrals to known agencies and marketing techniques

  • Preparation of a marketing services agreement with proper commissioning and acceptance measures, backed up by practical and objective KPIs and warranties

Your ACCC exposure will be properly managed in a practical and realistic manner. Only real experience gives you that, the two decades of experience Martin Algie has in this field. With MIA Contract Lawyers. You will avoid the real risk of your lawyers being too conservative, a conservative often born from insufficient knowledge or experience, advising you:

  • not to make representations that could and should be made to market your product effectively

  • including ridiculously long and intrusive disclaimers

[The] work was undertaken with care, efficiency and recommendations were smart, useful and easy to implement.||Martin Algie is great to work with.
— Teresa Thompson, Head of Marketing, Britax (supplier of Safe n Sound car seats)