​Ian has worked in property, projects and finance law for nearly 20 years. He brings this experience to MIA Contract Lawyers as a specialist consultant in those areas.

While having the depth of his experience in Victoria, Ian’s diverse working life has also included roles in Queensland, New South Wales, the Middle East and the U.K.

He has advised government entities, corporate and development banks, large corporations and property developers as well as private individuals on many smaller yet just as challenging transactions. This has given Ian an insight into the motivations, cultures, objectives and requirements of different parties. He is able to apply this in negotiations and drafting to achieve the unique desired outcome of each client.


A defining period of Ian’s career was in the aftermath of the GFC. The resulting market changes and restructuring of finance and project terms instilled in him the necessity to take nothing for granted and that commercial conditions can rapidly change. 

See Ian's extended Curriculum Vitae.