We’ll guide you through these complex waters safely

“Most Disputes can be settled favourably”

— That is a big statement, but our experience proves it!

Effective negotiation, even when the dispute looks bleak, can produce wonders.

“I remember a franchise dispute we acted for a US franchisor fighting a very unhappy Australian franchisee claiming $4 million in losses. After the mediation, we walked away paying nothing, giving up only what they owed us! How did we do it - effective negotiation and taking the emotion out of it.”

— Martin Algie, MIA Contract Lawyers Principal

If negotiation fails, then MIA Contract Lawyers has the fire-power to fight the dispute in an Court, including working with local lawyers in other countries. Our senior lawyers have extensive experience running complex contract litigation.

MIA Contract Lawyers is able to offer fixed price litigation by chunking up the proceedings and pricing each chunk, not as a cost estimate - as most other firms do - but as a binding quote.

Engage the APAC Contracting and Contract Negotiation Firm 2018 to get the best outcome possible, faster.

“Well we are yet to see resolution of our dispute as it is still ongoing, but am confident the MIA team has done the necessary work to make this a positive outcome for us. Communication has been good, understanding of the issues has been good. On a different matter, MIA really good with the swift revision of a contract of sale for family member’s property, great advice etc. Would certainly use MIA again on contract law issues. Sarah great with her time and explanation of matters, also good to hear she was keen for clarification on matters concerning engineers etc. Fixed fee off excellent.”

— Chris Appleby, Appstarmedia