Gold Package

Save hours every month

If your company’s contracts are simply saved in folders in the cloud or in a bottom drawer, your Supply Chain Managers, Account Managers, Chief Financial Officers, even Managing Directors will be wasting time looking for the right contract and then searching out details they need from that contract. Total it up and your company easily wastes a day a month in staff time.

MIA Contract Lawyers has the solution.


The ContractControl Gold Package offers you:

  • full transparency

  • full search capacities, even on PDF contracts

  • full scalability

The ContractControl Gold Package allows your staff members access to reports that they can generate at any time through your own secure online portal. Through that portal, staff members can see at a glance the information they need to do their jobs, saving those hours they would otherwise waste looking up contracts.

Below is a sample table in the portal.

Thoughtriver portal.jpg

Importantly, this is fully scalable, making our ContractControl Contract Lifecycle Management Service highly convenient to start small and then ramp up your commitment as your requirements increase.

  • Start with the Entry Level Contract Management Package –  your portal will display for each contract the date of execution, whether the contract can be renewed and the date by which a renewal notice is required.

  • Move to the Premium Contract Management Package at any time and your portal will display for each contract, not only the execution date and renewal information, but every other date-related obligation and right and every annual requirement.

  • Move to the Time Saving Package at any time and your portal will display for each contract information on any aspect of the contract you designate:

    • Whether you have the right to recall product voluntarily;

    • Whether you must notify the counterparty before you implement the recall;

    • By when you need to serve defect notices before losing your product defect rights;

    • Indeed, anything

Moving from one Package to another and adding data points in the ContractControl Gold Package requires an adjustment to the settings of the AI data extraction system; once done, the adjustment can be applied to your entire store of contracts.

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