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Make more money from your existing contracts. Don't leave them wasting away in your bottom drawer

Your company is losing money if it keeps contracts in the bottom drawer:

  • by missing opportunities, either by your company not doing something by a deadline or failing to ensure that the counterparty does something by a deadline; or

  • by your staff losing precious time trying to find the right contract and then looking for details in it.


Research conducted by the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), the global peak body for contract management, suggests that you could be losing 10% of revenue. In some industries, it may be considerably higher.

Our Contract Lifecycle Management Service is the solution. We can process your entire store of legacy contracts or just start with your new contracts.

Our ContractControl Service will ensure:

  • you never miss another deadline;

  • you put your staff in a position to ensure counterparties do what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to be doing it; and

  • presents for each stakeholder needed contract data in an easy-to-read spreadsheet


ContractControl does all of this by managing your contracts for you. You will have a dedicated Contract Manager and dedicated lawyer who will work together:

  • Contacting you when a deadline is approaching for either the company or your counterparty;

  • Seeking instructions that, for instance:

    • You wish to issue a renewal notice by the end of the month

    • The counterparty must secure insurance on a site covered by the contract by the end of the month

    • You wish to reopen price discussions (should you have the contractual right to do so)

    • Anything else that needs to be done

  • Implementing those instructions, making sure everything happens when it is supposed to, without over-burdening your stakeholders and avoiding the embarrassment of stakeholders failing to send notices in time and missing opportunities.