“I have seen too much poor quality product coming, even out of the top tier law firms”

What are you risking?

You are risking the deal costing you more, sometimes much more, than you thought.

You are risking having to accept liability when you may have assumed that was going to be, and should have been, picked up by the other side.

These problems nevertheless arise far too often. And they do so when rights and obligations are not written out clearly. If it looks like legese, you should be concerned that there is a lack of this needed clarity.

These problems also arise when a contract fails to deal with issues that it should address. Sure, no contract can provide for every possible eventuality. Not even lawyers can be all-knowing! But, it is far too common that lawyers give insufficient thought to the deal and, as a result, things are missed that should be picked up and addressed.

With years of experience dedicated to contracting, MIA Contract Lawyers ensure you are covered on both fronts.

MIA Contract Lawyers also cover you by working on fixed price jobs. You will never suffer bill shock with MIA Contract Lawyers, a common complaint clients of all levels have with their lawyers.


MIA Contract Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Contracting;
  • The buying and selling of businesses;
  • Contract Management; and
  • Disputes over contracts

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